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Staff Scientist
Phone Number: (
Expertise and Research Interests: 
  • Medical image processing
  • Scientific visualization
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer vision
  • Programming languages: C++ (C++0x, tr1), C, Tcl/Tk, Python, Perl, Bash
  • Application programming interfaces: ITK, Qt, OpenGL, VTK, MPI, pthreads, SWIG
  • Applications and development tools: CMake, Matlab, CDash, ImageJ, MS Visual Studio, IMOD, git/svn/cvs
  • Operating systems: Redhat Linux, MacOS X, Windows XP and 7, Cygwin


  • Software engineer, open source Insight Toolkit (ITk) community:

      -- Segmentation, registration, and feature extraction for electron microscopy modalities such as FIB-SEM and electron tomography

      --  Advanced data flow for out-of-core processing of large data sets

      -- Distributed computing techniques to enable high throughput data processing

      -- Collaboration with biologists and microscopists to enable data quantification, visualization, and analysis for biological discovery 


  • 2002 BS in computer science and mathematics (dual major) and research assistant in the Graphics Animation and Visualization Lab -- University of Maryland Baltimore County


  • 2003-2010 -- ACM SIGGRAPH
  • 2008 -- Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI)
  • 2007, 2002-2004 -- IEEE Visualization
Publications/Tools by Bradley Lowekamp: 
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Lowekamp B, Chen D, Santoroski J, Yaniv Z, Yoo TS. Software: SimpleITK.
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Lowekamp B. IO Streaming in ITK. Kitware Source. 2009 Apr;9:5-7.
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Lowekamp B, Yoo TS. Software: Insight Toolkit (ITK): Software for Image Segmentation and Registration.