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Honors and Awards: 
  • 2009. Service Group Award for Exceptional Leadership of and Technical Contributions to the Semantic Knowledge Representation Project. Recipient, in Recognition and Appreciation of Exceptional Service as a Contractor. National Library of Medicine, MD. USA.
  • 2007. Recipient, The Harriet H. Werley Award (NIWG) for the paper Beyond Surface Characteristics: A New Health Text-Specific Readability Measurement, H Dim, S Goryachev, G Rosemblat, A Brown, A Keselman, Q Zeng-Treitler at 2007 AMIA Annual Symposium, pp 418-422.
  • 1990. Associate Editor, Georgetown Journal of Languages and Linguistics, Washington, DC.
Publications/Tools by Graciela Rosemblat: 
Leroy G, Miller T, Rosemblat G, Browne A. A Balanced Approach to Health Information Evaluation: A Vocabulary-based Naive Bayes Classifier and Readability Formulas JASIST, 59(9):1409-1419, 2008
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Rosemblat G, Graham L. Cross-Language Search in a Monolingual Health Information System: Flexible Designs and Lexical Processes Proc ISKO, pages 173-182, Vienna, Austria, July 2006.
Rosemblat G, Graham L. A Pragmatic Approach to Summary Extraction in Clinical Trials Proc HLT-NAACL 06, pages 124-125, New York City, June 2006