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Postdoctoral Fellow
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Expertise and Research Interests: 

Dr. Candemir is research scientist / contractor at the Communications Engineering Branch (CEB), National Library of Medicine, NIH. Her research interests are computer vision and medical image processing; mainly medical image segmentation, local image descriptors, graph cuts algorithms and image registration. She applies her expertise in medical image analysis related projects in CEB such as chest X-ray screening, age-related eye diseases detection and malaria screening projects.  She developed lung and rib boundary detection algorithm for CXRs. Her algorithm produced state-of-the-art results, published in one of the best medical imaging journals; and the binary codes are shared with public. She also proposed a general image descriptor for line-rich objects. The algorithm is being used in the face-matching system.

Prior to joining Communication Engineering Branch - NLM, she worked as a postdoctoral researcher at University of Missouri-Columbia, where she collaborated with Air Force Research Laboratory and Kitware Company towards robust target tracking in wide area imagery.

Professional Activities: 

She is a regular reviewer of Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine-Elsevier, Journal of IEEE Transaction on Biomedical Engineering, Journal of IEEE Transaction of Medical Imaging, Turkish Journal of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics.

Honors and Awards: 

With her colleagues, she received the following awards:  2017: NLM Honor Award in recognition and appreciation of exceptional service by a contractor; Best paper award at 30th IEEE International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems for study titled “Novel Method for Storyboarding Biomedical Videos for Medical Informatics”.  2016: NLM Honor Award in recognition of smartphone app to detect malaria. 2014: HHS-Ignites Pathway Award for Automatic X-screening for rural areas.

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Publications/Tools by Sema Candemir: 
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Rajaraman S, Candemir S, Xue Z, Alderson P, Kohli M, Abuya J, Thoma GR, Antani SK. A novel stacked generalization of models for improved TB detection in chest radiographs. Proc. IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Conference (EMBC 2018), Honolulu, Hawaii, 2018. pp. 718-721.
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