Mapping the UMLS Semantic Network into General Ontologies.

Burgun A, Bodenreider O

Proc AMIA Symp. 2001:81-5.


In this study, we analyzed the compatibility between an ontology of the biomedical domain (the UMLS Semantic Network) and two other ontologies: the Upper Cyc Ontology (UCO) and WordNet. 1) We manually mapped UMLS Semantic Types to UCO. One fifth of the UMLS Semantic Types had exact mapping to UCO types. UCO provides generic concepts and a structure that relies on a larger number of categories, despite its lack of depth in the biomedical domain. 2) We compared semantic classes in the UMLS and WordNet. 2% of the UMLS concepts from the Health Disorder class were present in WordNet, and compatibility between classes was 48%. WordNet, as a general language-oriented ontology is a source of lay knowledge, particularly important for consumer health applications.

Burgun A, Bodenreider O. Mapping the UMLS Semantic Network into General Ontologies. 
Proc AMIA Symp. 2001:81-5.