RxNav: Towards an Integrated View on Drug Information.

Zeng K, Bodenreider O, Kilbourne J, Nelson S

MEDINFO 2007:386.


RxNav is a browser for RxNorm, a controlled vocabulary of normalized names for clinical drugs. RxNav displays links from clinical drugs, both branded and generic, to their active ingredients, drug components and related brand names. The current dataset (March 1, 2007) comprises 5,604 ingredients, 11,363 brand names, 13,509 clinical drug components, 17,726 clinical drugs, 14,064 branded drugs, 13,460 branded drug components, 8,311 clinical drug forms, 11,033 branded drug forms and 140 dose forms. RxNorm is one of a suite of designated standards for use in U.S. Federal Government systems for the electronic exchange of clinical health information. RxNav was first developed as an interface to the RxNorm database and was thus restricted to displaying relations among drug names. However, besides terminology, other drug-related information could be displayed in and integrated through RxNav, including pharmacologic action, drug-drug interactions, indications and contraindications, adverse reactions, etc. RxNav could also provide better integration with other drug information such as the drug labeling resource DailyMed. We give a brief review of some of the changes planned for RxNav in the near future, with the objective of ultimately providing an integrated view on drug information.

Zeng K, Bodenreider O, Kilbourne J, Nelson S. RxNav: Towards an Integrated View on Drug Information. 
MEDINFO 2007:386.