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Oral history is a method for documenting history in a vivid way by recording the voices of those who have experienced it.

Beginning in 2004, Drs. Joan S. Ash and Dean F. Sittig chose and interviewed seventeen medical informatics pioneers to capture their memories.

In 2013, NLM acquired the transcripts from the first 15 interviews and began work to make them publicly available, including recruiting and placing photographs to enliven the written words.

We are pleased to make these conversations available to you.

Click on the names to download the published oral histories.

Medical Informatics Pioneers, published by the U.S. National Library of Medicine, 2014-2017

Joan S. Ash, PhD, MLS, MBA and Dean F. Sittig, PhD
Publication date: 4/14/2015


G. Octo Barnett, MD
Interview date: 10/29/2004
Publication date: 4/24/2015


Morris F. Collen, MD
Interview date: 8/1/2005
Publication date: 9/30/2014


Don E. Detmer, MD
Interview date: 1/21/2006
Publication date: 6/30/2015


Donald A.B. Lindberg, MD
Interview dates: 6/1/2005 and 7/13/2005
Publication date: 3/26/2015


Nina W. Matheson, ML, DSc
Interview date: 7/14/2005
Publication date: 6/30/2015


Clem McDonald, MD
Interview date: August 26-27, 2004
Indianapolis, IN


Homer R. Warner, MD, PhD (1922-2012)
Interview date: 5/24/2005
Publication date: 4/17/2015


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