Image Processing

Imaging Tools for Cancer Research

Research Area: Image Processing

Researchers: Sameer Antani

project icon for Imaging Tools for Cancer ResearchThe goal of our work in Biomedical Imaging is two-fold: One, to develop advanced imaging tools for biomedical research in partnership with the National Cancer Institute and other organizations. Secondly, to conduct research in Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) to index and retrieve medical images by image features (e.g., shape, color and texture), augmented by textual features as well. This work includes the development of the CervigramFinder for retrieval of uterine cervix images by image features, and Multiple Observer Segmentation Evaluation System (MOSES) for automatic performance evaluation of muliple image segmentations for the study of lesions related to uterine cervical cancer.

CBIR is also an aspect of the Multi-modal Information Retrieval and Question Answering project that seeks to automatically index illustrations in medical articles by processing text in figure captions and mentions in the article, as well as image features in the illustrations.

Image representing imaging tools for cancer research project