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Senior Computer Scientist
Phone Number: (
Expertise and Research Interests: 
  • Computer graphics including implicit surfaces, non-photorealistic rendering, virtual and augmented environments, volume rendering, and rapid prototyping
  • 3-d bioinformatics including medical visualization, computer assisted surgery, 3-d image segmentation and registration
  • Software development including OpenGL, OpenGL Shading Language, Insight Toolkit (ITK), Visualization Toolkit (VTK), C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, Mac OS X, and Linux


  • 1998 PhD in computer science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • 1991 MS in computer science, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • 1988 BA in computer science and astronomy, University of California, Berkeley
Professional Organizations: 
  • 1999 Mar -- Organizer: "Workshop on Virtual Reality in the Geosciences", IEEE Virtual Reality (VR) '99, Houston
Publications/Tools by David Chen: 
Lowekamp B, Chen D, Santoroski J, Yaniv Z, Yoo TS. Software: SimpleITK.
Yoo TS, Rheingans P, Chen D, Olano M, Lowekamp B. Animated embroidery: a teapot in modern blackwork. ACM SIGGRAPH 2006 Teapot Exhibit entry; 2006 Jul 30-Aug 3; Boston.
Chen D, Morse BS, Lowekamp B, Yoo TS. Hierarchically partitioned implicit surfaces for interpolating large point set models. In: Kim M-S, Shimada K, editors. Advances in Geometric Modeling and Processing. Proceedings of the 4th international conference on Geometric Modeling and Processing (GMP'06); 2006 Jul 26-28; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4077. Berlin: Springer-Verlag; 2006. p. 553-62.
Morris J, Yoo TS, Chen D, Burgess J, Richardson AC. Computer Assisted Pedicle Screw Trajectory Guidance Using Fused Deposition Modeling. Abstract in Computer Assisted Surgery. 2001.
Yoo TS, Morris J, Chen DT, Burgess J, Richardson AC. Template Guided Intervention: Interactive Visualization and Design for Medical Fused Deposition Models. In: Niessen WJ, Viergever MA, editors. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI); 2001 Oct 14-17; Utrecht, The Netherlands. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2208. Springer; 2001. p. 45-8.
Morse B, Yoo TS, Rheingans P, Chen DT, Subramanian KR. Interpolating Implicit Surfaces From Scattered Surface Data Using Compactly Supported Radial Basis Functions. In: Werner R, editor. Proceedings of the SMI 2001 International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications; 2001 May 7-11; Genova, Italy. Los Alamitos, California: IEEE Computer Society Press; 2001. p. 89-98.
Kakadiaris IA, Chen D, Miller MJ, Loftin RB, Patrick C. Simulation-based determination of breast tissue engineering design patterns. Third Biennial Tissue Engineering Society International Meeting; 2000 Nov 30-Dec 3; Orlando, Florida.
Lin C, Loftin RB, Kakadiaris IA, Chen D, Su S. Interaction with Medical Volume Data on a Projection Workbench. 10th International Conference on Artificial Reality and Telexistence (ICAT 2000); 2000 Oct 25-27; National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan.
Chen D, Kakadiaris IA, Miller MJ, Loftin RB, Patrick C. Modeling for Plastic and Reconstructive Breast Surgery. In: Delp SL, DiGioia AM, Jaramaz B, editors. Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Intervention (MICCAI); 2000 Oct 11-14; Pittsburgh. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 1935. Springer; 2000. p. 1040-50. DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-40899-4_108.