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Dataset: RxIMAGE database

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The RxIMAGE database is the Nation’s only portfolio of curated, freely available, increasingly comprehensive, high-quality digital images of prescription pills and associated data.

Photographs of pills in the RxIMAGE database were taken under laboratory lighting conditions, from a camera directly above the front and the back faces of the pill, at high resolution, and using specialized digital macro-photography techniques. Image segmentation algorithms were then applied to create the JPEG images in the database. The images include NLM watermarks.

The RxIMAGE database contains images of thousands of pills. The images and data are intended for use in health care and research applications, in environments ranging from smart phones to desktops. Examples of pills are capsules and tablets intended for oral use.

Software developers can use the RxIMAGE API (Application Programming Interface) to create apps for text-based search and retrieval from the RxIMAGE database. 

Yoo TS. Dataset: RxIMAGE database